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Correl holds in it the promise of high performance, growth and challenge. At Correl we provide fast-track career opportunities and promise a challenging career with an opportunity to be a partner in nation's growth.
Our HR functions are seamlessly aligned with our business goals, which is why any effective succession planning process is built on a backbone of a well-prepared talent pipeline that can be drawn upon at any moment in time.

Correl IT Services was formed by young Professionals with years of experience in Information Technology. In a short time we have developed a range of solutions and have built a highly dynamic and motivated team of Domain and Technology Specialists to uphold the quality services in the IT world. Working together as a team with passionate and committed team of professionals and business experts, we strive to deliver exceptional value to customers with cost effective and stable solutions.
With an employee-driven career development initiative in place, potential employees are assessed for leadership competence and are groomed to occupy leadership positions in the company.

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