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Correl IT Services Pvt. Ltd is a service provider which provides IT solutions like Corporate Networking, SSL-VPN, WiFi, ERP, software and website development and hosting. We also provide LAN/WAN connectivity and PTP connectivity for the corporate/industries. We enables industries to integrate and interact with other businesses, and to access the data and applications they need over secure and managed domestic as well as global communication platforms. We are the company that provides last mile connectivity with complete IT infrastructure solutions.

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Information & Media

Data democratization, emergence of new content formats and a plethora of devices means industry players must embrace innovative new operating models and IT platforms that move beyond cost-cutting and enhance business performance.


A marketplace that continues to change at a breakneck pace, combined with a complex mix of consumer products and services that is today's communications business.


Technology is powering the future of work. But for technology companies to take advantage of this new era of opportunity, they must adapt to dramatic changes in the workforce, customer needs, and business models.


The Future of Work has arrived for manufacturers. Globalization is reshaping where and how major manufacturing companies make and sell their products.

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