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Energy Utility.

Facing environmental and regulatory challenges, energy and utilities companies must improve financial performance, enhance customer satisfaction and rethink service delivery. It requires new technologies and processes - from metering and monitoring, through billing and customer care - to improve efficiency and boost business performance.

Segments We Serve:

Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence

Extract business intelligence from a sea of data, to drive more informed decision-making.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Reduce your operating costs, improve day-to-day management of operations and support your strategic planning.


Our automation framework for regression testing of CIS applications helps you significantly reduce test change necessitated by markets, customers and regulations.


This data display dashboard provides insights to more effectively manage your revenue protection and energy balance needs.

Enterprise Application Integration

Count on us to show you how to seamlessly connect people, systems and technology.

Supply Chain Management

We'll help you build an extended supply chain that’s agile, adaptive and aligned with your business objectives.


This web-based program management framework enables energy and utility companies to roll out and maintain energy efficiency programs more quickly and easily.


This solution uses global positioning technology to locate your assets and resources.