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Remote Access Service - SSL-VPN .

Correl SSL VPN is a hosted solution which provides secure services for customer applications including separate customer service for each customer. SSL VPN solutions offer a flexible and highly secure way to extend network resources to virtually any remote user with access to the Internet and a web browser. Organizations can customize access and extend the reach of their corporate network to individuals based on their role, including the teleworker, contractor, or business partner. Correl’s SSL VPN solution is architected to address the deficiencies found in today’s remote access solutions: ease of use, performance, security and full application access.


  • Remote Access for applications using ICAA Mode
  • Support Web based access, Thin Clients and PHAT clients
  • Supports WAN Acceleration
  • High Uptime
  • Granular access to applications as per the access rights
  • Prevents Data Leakage through encrypted Sandbox, disabling of external storage, commands etc
  • Customization of Landing Page, Client etc
  • Access based on IP, MAC id etc
  • End Point Compliance for Anti Virus/Operating System
  • Monthly reports
  • 24/7 monitoring via multiple Network Operation Centers
  • Clean up all Traces of Users Access and data downloaded at the end of session