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LAN / WAN Connectivity.

Dedicated dial-up uses a standard phone connection between your computer network and our POP. The data rate is up to 56 kbps and is used primarily by individuals and companies in a transitional state between needing full-time connectivity to the internet and having the resources to commit to frame relay or point to point.Due to the nature of dial-up lines, this option has much lower reliability and throughput than ISDN, frame relay or point to point connectivity.

Frame Relay is the most cost-effective full-time connection for medium to high speed Internet access. In almost all cases, your costs will be less than traditional leased-line connections and even ISDN. You can easily increase the bandwidth of your Internet connection as your needs grow. Compared to traditional leased line access, with frame relay you only pay the phone company for the bandwidth you need and there is no mileage charge. In most cases, ISDN calls from a business location are 'metered' and can result in unexpectedly high monthly charges by the phone company if you maintain a full-time connection. Frame relay access to the Internet consist of two distinct components. In addition to the Internet access fees, you will also need the frame relay circuit from your facility to the phone company's local central office. The rest of the circuit costs are paid by Minnesota OnLine and are included in your monthly access fees. Please call Minnesota OnLine for an estimate or quote of your circuit costs. Minnesota OnLine will order and coordinate the install and testing of your circuit with your local phone company.

A dedicated high-speed connection can greatly reduce multiple individual connectivity costs and allow greater ability to manage data that traverses your network. Some of the benefits of Dedicated Service are:

  • Costs are contained for additional users
  • Security is enhanced with a single point of entry
  • Internet accessibility for all users can be easily managed
  • Increased bandwidth for all users
  • Increased speed of data transmission
  • Full time connectivity
  • Transparent use for end-users
  • No additional telco charges